PlaySpark’s Mission

At PlaySpark, our mission is to supercharge consumer loyalty using incentivised gameplay and maximise the untapped monetization potential of your consumers.

With modern consumer attention spans declining and competition increasing, many industries including sports, entertainment and retail brands are looking for new ways to acquire new fans and monetize their most loyal customers.

We exist to solve this problem.

What We Do

PlaySpark provides branded game loyalty solutions that you can build and launch within minutes, while boosting existing revenue streams and creating new monetization channels.
Allow your consumers to play, earn and win and see the enormous potential you can achieve.

Your Gamified Solution

Create your own no-code customised gamification solution in minutes. Select the rewarded content you want on your platform and how you want it displayed – via your own app or embedded inside a website/app. 

Incentivise Your Audiences

Incentivise your audience with engaging rewarded content, including branded arcade games, trivia, predictor, check ins and much more!

Supercharge Revenue

Reward fans for their efforts with tickets, VIP experiences, sponsor offers and virtual items both during the event and outside of it. Integrate adertisers into your gamified content and supercharge your revenue with new revenue streams.

Who We Help

We believe that gamification has the power to help any company of any industry grow their fan acquisition and retention efforts.

We provide these companies with the tools to level up their audience growth, whether that be an end to end gamified solution or a branded mobile game. 

Sports Teams & Leagues

Fan Monetization Unlocked

Drive more revenue, zero first party fan data and engage your fans all year round. 

30%%Increase in gameday revenues
10XFirst party and zero party fan data sets
20XYour digital sponsorship revenue
40%Increase in traffic to your app or website

See how we supercharge fan loyalty & monetization with SportzFan

Watch how our gamified rewards solution SportzFan creates next level engagement for the fan, new revenue channels for your team and the enormous value add via our sponsor integrations.

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