SparkUp Studios Mission with fans

At SparkUp Studios, our mission is to revolutionise the out dated nature of current fan engagement, across multiple industry verticals using innovative fan engagement technology. Many industries including sports, entertainment and retail brands are looking for new ways to engage with their fans and their most loyal customers. We exist to solve this problem.

How do we enhance fan engagement?

Provide Utility

For consumer interaction

We utilise blockchain technology, specifically fan tokens and NFTs, to enhance the fan experience. A fan engagement token is a utility token that serves as a fan’s access pass to a new type of engagement with their favourite sports team or brand. A fan token gives fans access and influence on certain decisions made by the team or the brand, such as which players take the field. 


Community driven networks

By owning a fan token or their favourite sports team or brand, someone now has the ability to access exclusive actions and rewards with that provider. The more a user engages with a token eg. sells or buys a token, earns tokens via games, the higher the value of the token, as demand from the community increases for the token. This creates a circular effect where the community is incentivised to engage with the platform to drive the value of the token upwards. 


Positive behaviours

Fan tokens also give fans the opportunity to compete for, and win, exciting exclusive rewards, and get special VIP access and treatment to a variety of events. This could include a meet-and-greet with a fan’s favourite player or actor, or even luxury box-seats at a game or VIP red-carpet access to a film’s premiere.


Digital and physical experiences

We merge both the physical world with the digital landscape for the fan or consumer. Fans or consumers can interact using our fan token platforms to engage with their favourite brands or teams in real time, performing real world actions. For example, a fan may scan their digital membership card when entering a match, which earns them fan tokens for doing so and giving them a chance to further increase their fan rating and access to exclusive prizes.

Engagement is where SparkUp Studios excels.

One of the most exciting innovations to have developed at the intersection between industry brands and technology is the emergence of blockchain technologies- specifically the utilisation of fan tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Blockchain loyalty is  The Future, Find Out Why

We create a number of positive outcomes for both our clients, their sponsors and their consumers/ fans

17+Years of Exprience
66kTokens Sold
65kHappy Fans

Here is How We Work

SparkUp Studios builds bespoke fan or consumer engagement solutions.
Allow your consumers to influence, play, win and trade Fan Tokens and see the enormous potential you can achieve.

Fan Token Technology

Our core product is providing custom fan token web and app platforms that can be managed and driven by your organisation that facilitate deeper engagement with your loyal fans and followers and incentivise new fans to follow you.

Bespoke solutions at affordable price points

Our whitelabel fan engagement platforms allow your organisation to customise the style, token offering, rewards and functionality of your own fan token solution at a fraction of the cost of a custom built solution.

Blockchain infrastructure

We build platforms on innovative and quality blockchain infrastructure to ensure smooth and stable fan token solutions. Our team provide the expertise and strong foundations to build a solution you can trust.

Innovate and evolve

At SparkUp Studios, we see our work with you as a long term partnership. We will continue to work with your organisation to ensure the smooth operation and overall success of your solution. Our solutions are constantly evolving and will continue to build our product offering, available to all our partners, as we add new features to further enhance fan engagement through innovation.

See our sports fan token solution in action

Watch how our sports fan token solution SportzFan creates next level engagement for the fan, new revenue channels for your team and the enormous value add via our sponsor integrations.

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